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We are now SOLD OUT of our 2014 Thanksgiving share and have also sold out of organically fed, pasture raised, free ranging turkeys!

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The 2014 Grassroots Farm, LLC Thanksgiving Share –

Back by popular demand! We are very excited to announce the second year of our Thanksgiving Share. This is a one-time delivery of seasonal, fresh, and storage vegetables grown almost entirely right here on our Certified Organic farm, perfect for the holiday feast or to squirrel away in the fridge for December use and beyond. The traditional Thanksgiving share also includes one of our farm-raised, pasture free-range, vegetarian/non-GMO fed, white or bronze breasted turkeys (producer’s choice). Turkeys will be processed in a federally-inspected facility and delivered freshly frozen the Saturday before Thanksgiving, with plenty of time to thaw and brine. This 2014 season our turkeys finished consistently between 15# and 20# and we will be adjusting our Thanksgiving share w/turkey to equal value between shares with fresh veggies, etc. We are also offering a Thanksgiving share with just the veggies… hold the turkey. A newsletter with our favorite Thanksgiving recipes and turkey preparation tips will be included with your share.  Limited quantities of our pasture raised, organically fed turkeys alone will be available at $3.75/lb. 

How much and what veggies are in the Thanksgiving Share?

The 2014 Thanksgiving Share will have enough mixed, washed, seasonal Certified Organic produce to feed roughly of 8-10 adults a vegetarian feast or to supplement your turkey dinner with plenty of leftovers. Either way, you should probably expect leftovers. If a small meal is planned for the holiday or if plans are to celebrate outside your home, consider signing up for the Thanksgiving share to fill your fridge and celebrate the bounty at the end of the growing season. Most produce contained in the share will store 10 days to as long as 2 months or more! Storage tips will be included in the newsletter. This year’s Thanksgiving Share will likely contain:

  • Winter Squash and Pie Pumpkins (2 of each)
  • Popcorn (one dozen ears)
  • Cooking Greens (kale, 3 bunches)
  • Storage Onions (4-6#)
  • Fresh Herbs (enough to dry and use fresh!!)
  • Cooking and eating apples (4-6#)
  • Freshly Dug Potatoes (5-7#)
  • Garlic (2 bulbs)
  • Beets, bulk mixed colors (4-6#)

Will the amount of produce be adjusted if I get medium sized Turkey?

Yes. Although we can’t guarantee you a specific weight of bird, we will do our best to provide a turkey within the weight range listed above. All Thanksgiving Shares will be custom packed and labeled per customer, and produce volume will be adjusted according to the final dressed weight of your bird. More produce for a share with a 15# bird, less produce for a share with a 20# bird, for example.

How will I get my share?

All deliveries will be made on Saturday, November 22, 2014. We are offering home delivery to our Thanksgiving Share customers in the Monroe, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas. All customers will be asked to provide a home or office delivery address complete with delivery instructions. An email will be sent out several weeks prior to delivery to confirm individual arrangements.

How are our Turkeys different?

We raise our turkeys from day-old poults hatched at Sunnyside Hatchery in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. From day one, our turkeys exclusively eat locally milled, Certified Organic grains, with no exceptions. At 10 weeks old, our turkeys are big enough to have daily access to our Certified Organic pasture. We raise our poultry in a small warm season batch totaling no more than 50 birds per year. The price of our turkeys is $3.75/lb., dressed and packaged by local poultry processor Twin Cities Pack near Beloit, Wisconsin. Although we choose not to carry organic certification on any of our livestock crops we are fully committed to providing natural and organic living conditions and feed to all animals at Grassroots Farm.