All you need to know about Hybrid Mattress

For quite a while we have had the trend of hybrid things, hybrid cars even hybrid food, so now you probably heard about hybrid mattresses. So what is it? A hybrid mattress mixthecoil-based foundation with a foam layer on top, usually latex foam or memory foam. Hybrid mattresses were invented to combine the best of coil and foam mattresses, in order to satisfy the needs of some customers who were not pleased by either of those two mattress types.

Innerspring and foam mattresses

Usually, coil (innerspring) mattresses confer support and bounce. It keeps on top of the mattress, while providing you support. It is rather easy to get on and off of these coil beds. The disadvantage resides in increased motion transfer as you move and squeaking. When sharing the bed with someone else, you will feel every move the other one is doing. Motion travels easily through the metal support coils, so that could be problematic.

Memory foam provides pressure relief and poignant contouring hug. The aim is to allow the customer to sink better into the mattress, with focus on body-contouring, pressure relief and deep compression support. The advantage is that this type of mattress issilent and it allows you to move around the bed without waking up anyone else. The disadvantage is that moving in, out and around tends to be something of a challenge on a foam mattress and some feel “stuck” or they are sleeping warm.

Hybrid mattress

The hybrid mattress combines the two mentioned above and brings out the best of each material, while leaving out the negatives of each type. Hybrid mattress will maintain the bounce and easy motion from innerspring mattresses, and also provid epressure relief and layers of deep compression support. Atrue hybrid mattress will only use springs and foams to form all of the layers of the mattress.

Certain semi-hybrids mattress combine the coil base with a pillow-top layer. The obtained result regards maintaining the responsivenessand bounce from the traditional innerspring, while the pillow-top layer offers comfort when you lay down on the mattress.

Foam hybrids are the best newest type of hybrid mattress. These mattresses do not have the innerspring coils, but they are a mix of various types of foam. The foams usually selected for this type have a similar pattern which traditional innerspring and foam hybrids use, where one layer of foam confersresponse, bounce and support andanother layer gives press relief, contour and comfort.


•   Provide an effective compromise between pressure-point relief (comfort) and support.

•   Multiple firmness options are available. Brand names (Tempur-Pedic.Sealy, Simmons,Serta) offer multiple firmness options. Off-brands offer only medium to firm models.

•   Motion isolation usually is above average, as well as suitability for lovemaking.


•   Durability(longevity) is no better than average in most cases.

•   Prices are about 20% higher than prices for non-hybrid mattress, and can be between- $600 to $4000+. Average price is about $2100 for a queen size mattress.

•   The number of complaintsabout heat trap is significant (softer, thicker models often mean more heat-trap potential).

•   Weight is usually substantial, which is making transportation and handling the mattress difficult; especially for a single person.

Taking all this information into consideration, you may now make your free choice whether or not to become the owner of a hybrid mattress.

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