2015/16 Winter Meat and Egg Share Sign Up

Welcome !! Please Fill out our form below first! After we receive your sign up form, we will send you an invoice via WAVE, our online accounting software. This may take a couple days. Please do not send payment until you have received your invoice, via email. Any questions, or to talk about a custom payment plan, please email Farmer Lindsey directly at grassrootsfarm.wi@gmail.com. Thank you!!
For more info on our 2015/16 Grassroots Farm Winter Meat and Egg shares, CLICK HERE.

To sign up:

  1. Fill out our agreement form, Located below. Let us know if you have any problems with our form by emailing Farmer Lindsey at grassrootsfarm.wi@gmail.com. You will receive an invoice of your purchase to review via email within a few days of your sign up completion.
  2. Checkout Here. Or send check or money order to our farm address: Grassroots Farm, LLC, N4595 Dutch Hollow Rd., Monroe, Wisconsin, 53566. We prefer a check in the mail, and doing so will save you 2.9% (Paypal’s user fee).
  3. Eagerly await your first delivery!! (We will send you a reminder email
  4. Enjoy a season in ethical, small farm raised meat and be sure to check out our awesome recipes HERE.

Custom payment Options Available upon request.

  1. 2015/16 Grassroots Farm Winter Meat and Egg Share Sign Up Form
  2. Please complete this form and return with your payment, either through our website, or to the address above. You may pay through Paypal Checkout (2.9% transaction fee), using our website, or by personal check/money order if sending this form to us by U.S. Mail(preffered).
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  6. If you will be splitting a share, please designate one party as the responsible contact person. All parties can be on our mailing list, however. Simply add (comma-separated) e-mail addresses as necessary.
  7. Preferred Method of Contact
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Choose your Delivery location
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Membership Information
  1. Chicagoland, Illinois Home Delivery
  2. On Farm Pick-Up (Grassroots Farm, Monroe, Wisconsin)
  3. Green County, Wisconsin Home Delivery
  4. Madison, Wisconsin Home Delivery
  5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Home Delivery
  6. Please read through the following agreement:
  7. Our Promise
    In consideration of your seasonal membership, the Farm promises to deliver to your designated delivery location, on or around pre-scheduled delivery date(s) (weather depending), your chosen share, as described in your selected Program above, full of pasture raised, locally produced and non-GMO grain fed meat and eggs.
    My Agreement
    I want to participate as a Winter Meat and Egg share seasonal subscription member in the 2015/16 CSA Program at Grassroots Farm, LLC. By submitting this form I accept all conditions and terms of this program, which are:

    1. As a subscription member I fully accept sharing the risk of crop failure from all factors beyond the farmer's control, knowing that it may affect the availability of certain crops and the amounts that I will receive throughout the season.
    2. As a subscription member I fully accept sharing the rewards of a bountiful season and the adventure of receiving a wide variety of certified organic and pesticide-free locally produced food products, some of which may be procured off farm, but all of which will meet the Grassroots Farm quality standard.

Method of Payment
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  2. Watch for your Invoice to arrive via email, then Mail Payment to :
    Grassroots Farm, LLC
    N4596 Dutch Hollow Rd.
    Monroe, Wisconsin 53566