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Grassroots Farm is owned and operated by Farmer Lindsey Morris Carpenter (FL) and her mother Gail. FL grows all of our certified organic veggies from seed to harvest and raises our livestock from day-old to processing, where Gail keeps things afloat with the “behind the curtain” aspects of owning a farm business. Gail also brings her lifelong gardening, food preservation, and teaching skills to the farm on weekends, and never on the farm is fresh food is ever wasted.

FL spends an average of 12 hours every day as a farmer, and the rest of the time  enjoying all kinds of hobbies (in very small portions), and sleeping like a rock.

Farming the way we do means developing and always improving a variety of skills:

  • planning and development of the farm as a whole, including forage pasture, veggie crops, livestock and grazing, and our newly establishing native pollinator prairie
  • Transplant greenhouse production
  • Fresh produce safe handling and sales
  • operating and maintaining large and small engines
  • managing a workforce
  • improving, designing, and maintaining farm infrastructure
  • year-round 2x minimum daily livestock chores
  • delivery of produce directly to customers locally and to Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago
  • managing the CSA planning, growing, harvesting, packing, delivery and  customer communications
  • Farm marketing, social media and website
  • Organic Certification and record keeping
  • Carpentry, fencing, backing trailers into alleys, lumberjacking, dog training, and so on…

FL started off her early adulthood pursuing an education in studio Fine Arts. She attended two private art colleges in Philadelphia, PA before deciding there was a different path waiting for her. FL moved back to the Midwest and “stumbled” into a summer farm job in Stoughton, WI. There, she immediately fell in love with daily life as an organic vegetable farmer, the rhythm of the season, and the endless supply of fresh veggies.

FL was finally ready to start an operation of her own after five years of apprenticeship, vegetable production, crew management, and farmers’ market management under the wing of a few talented local organic vegetable farmers.  With the help and support of gardener, teacher, and mother Gail, they acquired the land which would start its evolution, in the late summer of 2007, as Grassroots Farm.


Gail is our handy-woman weekend warrior, keeper-of-the-books, value-added product chef, designer and manager of the orchard, and farm product recipe tester. She is also our bee keeper, newsletter writer, and always quick to respond to our customer’s needs in a friendly and accommodating fashion (

Grassroots Farm wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our family, friends and neighbors. A special thanks to Lindsey’s Aunt for her continued encouragement and support. See our Friends of the Farmpage for more information on our favorite local farms and businesses.

Check out Part 1, below, of our 2011 winning video response for Family Farm Defender’s John Kinsman Beginning Farmer Food Sovereignty Prize. Part 2 can be viewed on our About Our Farm web page.



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All You Need to Know Before Choosing the Best Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have become very popular nowadays. This form of bath fizzes adds essential oils, color and scents to your bathwater making bathing more enjoyable.

The ingredients used in bath bombs vary greatly. But, the primary ingredients are usually a bicarbonate and citric acid. When dry, these two ingredients do not react. But, once they are dropped in the water, the ingredients breaks apart and release carbon dioxide. The gas produced forms bubbles at the bottom of the bathtub or on your legs. This brings about the tingly and tickling sensation you feel once you hit the bath tub. As this happens, the fragrances, colorants, as well as the other ingredients in the bath bomb, are released. This process takes about two minutes.

Other ingredients used in bath bombs include essential oils. These oils give the water a pleasant fragrance. Some of them come with extra items such as petals, flowers, and glitters. They also come in different scents, colors, shapes and sizes.

Some people like to make their own bath bombs. While this is a good idea, you need to ensure you get the ingredients right. Some of the ingredients that you may use are citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, water, salt, essential oil, and colorants. These ingredients, however, vary depending on individual taste and preferences. The benefits of making your own bath bombs are plenty. Firstly, you don’t have to pay the exorbitant price that comes with some bath bombs. Secondly, you have the freedom to choose the ingredients that you want. This is particularly favorable to individuals who have sensitive skin.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bath Bombs

With so many bath bomb products in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that is perfect for you. Below are some useful tips that will enable your search for the best bath bomb to be less tedious, and more fun.

1.   Quality– This should be your first concern before you purchase the bath bomb. Choose a high-quality bath bomb for the best bath experience.

2.   Residue– Many bath bombs tend to leave residues on your bath tub. Unless you like cleaning up after an invigorating shower, then it is best you select one that doesn’t leave residue and stain your bathtub.

3.   Ingredients– The ingredients in the bath bombs are very crucial. You should ensure you buy one that doesn’t have any harmful substances added to it. Additionally, you should stay away from the ones that have irritants. Limonene, alpha-isomethyl ionone, and linalool have been proved to be the most common irritants.

If you have sensitive skin, then it is advisable you choose the ones that are made from essential oils and natural ingredients.

4.    Customer reviews– If you ever find yourself at a loss on which bath bomb is perfect for you, then you should do a little bit of research. Go to various sites, such as Amazon, and see which product has the highest customer satisfaction.

5.    Personal taste and preference– Okay, so you have done your research and found a variety of great bath bombs in the market. The next step is to determine the scent and even the color that is appealing to you. After all, everyone has their own unique tastes

6.    Long-lasting– The best bath bombs are the ones that last for a long time in the bathtub. It should fill the room with its relaxing aroma until you are through with your bath.


•    The essential oils aid in relieving pain and muscle cramps.

•    The salts in the bath bomb soften the water, thus moisturizing your skin.

•    Once they dissolve in the water, they enable the soap to lather efficiently.

•    They promote the health of your skin making it glow.

•    They also promote the health of your hair.

•    They act as stress relievers due to the calming effect they have on the body.

Different bath bombs come with their own fragrance, features, and benefits. This makes it challenging when it comes to choosing the best bath bomb. But, if you follow these simple tips, then you will be on your way to a sensational bath experience.

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