A Food and Farming Vision



From Capitalism To Human and Environmental Health

my ultimate goal: to be a part of a local food system that allows us, who choose to farm, to shift the focus of our food production efforts away from capitalism and profitability. To work to re-delegate the marketing, bookkeeping, physical distribution, and some of the risk away from the farmer so they can focus exclusively on the production of robust, delicious, flavorful vegetables and livestock crops, bound for the very community in which they live.  I envision a *truly* community supported food and agriculture system that not only supports farmers in their work, creates jobs in the community, but also leaves no family or individual without sliding scale access to fresh produce AND/OR meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Let's work together to get our farmers and food system support staff living wages and benefits, too! 

 After taking a full season off, I realized I am incredibly drawn to farming vegetables and livestock, it is in my blood, despite my status as a first generation farmer. However, I no longer wish to design a marketing, packaging and production system based on non-renewable consumables and far away affluence. It feels like my time to step up and help the many others who see these deep rooted problems in our food system. It's my self elected duty to participate in it's transformation. 

In the mean time, I am doing what I love to do by growing vegetables and poultry on a very small scale.  I re-oriented a portion of my time and energy towards collaborating through several local projects, with folks whom share a similar vision to make measurable positive changes to our local food system. 

Farmer, Kitchen, Eater. 

A Community Collaboration

We want to be farmers first, who are professional, committed, and strive for quality, efficiency and a strong chemical pesticide-free farming ethic. We believe that farmers who grow food are providing an environmental service, a talent, and a nutritious product that supports human life with it's very nature. 

Considering the tasks of what it is to produce food, I think farmer's need support professionals to help them reach quality goals, focus on high quality production, and re-prioritize environmentalism and community involvement. How about systems of trading food for farmer support work? Many of us are already doing this, but how can we do it better, together?

My 15 years experience in the field has brought me conclude, thus far, that one of the most challenging aspects of small scale vegetable production is marketing- getting that perishable product out to an eater. As an incredible, and very much missed, farmer and educator Chris Blanchard says - We are not limited by what we can grow, but rather by what we can sell!

Education and Activism.

A different approach

We wish to continue to share our knowledge of growing food at small scale, and work to improve our own practices- keeping our own farmer's mind and body in good health. We are a firm advocate of trade, and continue to incorporate opportunities to trade farm produce, meat, and plants for products and services provided or produced by members of our local community. We are currently looking for more partnerships, connections, and opportunities to grow food for people who live near our farm. We look forward to increasing our community engagement as we navigate the next phase of our farming careers- and life's work. Starting up in February 2019, FL has worked with the community to help form a producer’s cooperative business here in South Central Wisconsin, to respond to a new and exciting crop opportunity. Could this be what funds the good work that our food system and local folks deserve!? Stay tuned to find out, and thank you for reading.